May Week 3


1. We are recruiting more people for our “Hi Teams” and our parking teams. Please email [email protected] to join either of these two teams!

2. SUMMER DINNER PARTIES! – Connect Group’s will running a little differently during June and July. We will not be having traditional connect discussions. Rather we are having “Dinner Parties”. The win for these parties are two fold….. 1. We want to get EVERYONE who is not currently plugged into a Connect Group into one over the Summer. 2. We want our Connect Group’s to be a wide open door for our neighbors/friends/co-workers/everybody over the next two months!

3. BLOCK PARTY! After 2 months of Dinner Parties we will be holding Block Parties all over San Diego on the last week of July! More details to come.



This month we will base out Connect Hub Notes around Ps Don McDonell’s messages last weekend. Ps Don spoke at North at the 5pm, South 9:30am and also Central 5pm.

To ensure this discussion is a home run, please check out his sermon’s on the APP or if you were not at either of those services. It will be uploaded some time today.

These discussion’s should lead to praying for miracles AT connect!


1. South campus building!

2. Please be in prayer for our California lawmakers who are moving forward with a bill that would require pregnancy care centers to tell clients they can get abortions from state-funded facilities. The Reproductive FACT Act passed out of the Judiciary Committee despite more than 100 witnesses testifying against it. Turning Point, is a pregnancy center that C3 Church San Diego partners with to save babies from being aborted. This is very serious and could put many crisis pregnancy centers, like Turning Point, out of business. There is more info at

3. Pray for miracles and healing’s IN YOUR GROUP!!

Don’t forget to INSTAGRAM, TWEET, FACEBOOK your connect this week and also don’t forget to send in your “Post Connect Report”! 

Thanks Team!