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DNA is made up of many courses that will equip, train, and challenge you in your walk with God. These courses have been specifically tailored to our church and will benefit everyone from a new member to someone that’s been attending for years. In these courses you will hear from our incredible pastors, leaders and guest speakers from around the world! Check back with us regularly to see when and where our courses will run!


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DNA Courses


This is a new course and will cover topics regarding money and how it affects your life and the Kingdom of God. This course will provide teachings and workshops on financial freedom based on biblical principles. These courses will not only improve your financial situation but also educate and empower you to live a debt-free life God desires for us!
In this course you will learn how to: share your faith, overcome fear, answer objections, learn what other religions believe, as well as other powerful principles that will make you effective in reaching others for Christ. The course consists of lectures as well as practical group workshops.
DNA Family was designed to help strengthen and build families. This course will provide you with a Biblical perspective on a wide range of topics relating to families such as showing love and honor, raising and instilling Christian values into your children, and navigating through family difficulties and relationships. Furthermore, you will discover the meaning of “family” within the broader context of God’s church.
This course is for everyone whether you are single, married, have children, or want children in the future. We believe that through this course, you will find wisdom and healing in your own personal family situation, no matter what it may be!
Providing practical teaching on the proper use of the gifts of the Spirit. The course is made up of lectures, practical demonstration and small group workshops. Some of the things you will learn: How to hear the voice of God, How to use gifts, How to pray for people, How to move in the anointing.
DNA Marriage is a new and amazing course that will touch on topics like sex, communication, dating/romance, and marriage & family. This four week course is primarily focused on married couples, but we welcome anyone who wants to attend. We look forward to seeing you at the next DNA Marriage!
DNA Marriage is a 3 Week Course.
DNA Relationships is our newest DNA course that will set you up for a great relationship with your significant other. We will be covering topics such as dating, Chivalry, Honor, Courting, and communication. This course is geared toward the non-married but anyone can attend!
DNA Relationships is a 3 Week Course.