Welcome Home

What’s Next?

Our Pathways are designed for you to connect to others, learn more and grow in the culture of C3, as well as develop and empower the talents and gifts that God has created in you.

Step 1 – Know God


Everyone is called to be a disciple, not just saved. To be a disciple you have to "Connect". Connecting is the first step of being a part of C3 San Diego. We see it as connecting to God, each other, and the church.

Step 2 –¬†Find Freedom


Jesus said "learn from me", a disciple is committed to learning and growing in the things of God. Growth is something that will always happen in a healthy environment. When someone starts coming to our church, we want to ensure that their life is growing and expanding in all areas

How Can I Develop?

Step 3 – Discover Purpose


We believe that God has destined each one of us for greatness. In serving others, we not only discover God's purpose for our lives, be we become more like Jesus, demonstrating to the world that we are His disciples. As we lay our lives down to build His Kingdom, God works through us to make a positive and lasting impact on this earth! With our expanding campuses, there is always an opportunity to get involved and contribute to seeing the vision of "One Church - 16 campuses" realized in San Diego!

How Can I Serve?