Here at C3, we believe that God has destined each one of us for greatness. In serving others, we not only discover God’s purpose for our lives, but we become more like Jesus, demonstrating to the world that we are His disciples. As we lay our lives down to build His kingdom, God works in us and through us to make a positive and lasting impact on this earth!

C3 Church San Diego is what it is today because of our incredible army of faithful and committed volunteers, and there’s always room for more as we continue to grow and expand. If you call C3 your home, consider joining and being a part of our amazing team. Together, we can do so much more when it comes to serving our community and making an eternal difference all in the name of Jesus!


1) Attend our GROW class.

GROW is the first step in our Pathway of Discipleship. In this class, you will not only discover how to grow at C3 and in your own personal relationship with God, but will also learn how to live out your Christian faith with power and authority.


2) Attend our SERVE class.

Once you have completed our GROW class, the next step is to take our SERVE class. In this class, you will not only discover the heart behind why we serve, but will also be empowered to serve God, His church, and others more effectively. Please fill out the SERVE RSVP form if you have completed GROW class but not SERVE class.


3) Sign up to SERVE.

Once you have completed our GROW and SERVE classes, we invite you to fill out our Volunteer Application so that we can place you on a team where you will grow and flourish. We look forward to having you on our team!


Create your own personal profile at MyC3SD.com!

Having a profile is vital to staying connected to your volunteer team. Through your profile, you’ll be able to see your serving schedule, accept and decline requests to serve, and keep in touch with other team members.


We believe that it is vitally important for our volunteers to attend at least one service every weekend where they can freely receive from God without feeling the need to fulfill any responsibilities. As we are spiritually encouraged, we are positioned to be great volunteers. “Soaking” in a service therefore allows us to serve others from a place of strength and health.


In addition to the service that you attend, we invite you to serve in another service where you can focus 100% on serving others. We want to give everyone an opportunity to serve in our church, so there is no set minimum requirement or amount of time that you can serve. The majority of our volunteers serve in at least one service every weekend, but if your availability is limited, don’t fret! We have many volunteer opportunities that can accommodate your schedule.